moonshine So i ve danced on rooftops and the middle of lakes and bridges in sprinklers. In the forest on the shore grocery store holding a mango. Even the elevator. I ve danced in a freezer full of ice cream. Around a fire. In a room of the pacific when the tides coming in.On a mountain top. In clubs.In a cage. On a bed. In the road. The full of mirrors. In the sun under the moon. At a massive. Bare skinned. In a public bathroom. 000620
birdmad i dance terribly, but i keep trying. 000620
Splinken I dance all the time. I even took a dance class once. It left me strong and poised for a couple of months. 000620
sabbie my sister has as her email sig
"dance like theres nobody watching"
and every time i read it
i hope like hell and
pray till i weep and my fingers bleed and i wish on all the stars and
broken chicken bones

that she does.
misstree "dance as though no one is watching,
and love as though it's never going to hurt"

is the advice he gave me when i told him someone had broken my heart.

that went a long way towards putting it back together... but dancing like there's no one watching can be done. loving without pain... i'll never believe it.
. . 031003
neesh "there is no love that does not pierce the hands and feet" 031003
pipedream i like dancing...i wish there was somewhere i could take classes from..dancing is such an introspective thing, just you and the music and what feels good. such fun, such fun...haven't danced all night in a long, long time :/ 031004
ferret poopchunk! 031005
minnesota_chris I was at the library (blathering!) last night, and next door is a dance studio. I was hanging out there (the pervy old guy staring at the teenagers in dance costumes, yay.) and said hi to some people waiting. They introduced themselves as the owners of the studio.

I got to watch. It was a rehearsal for a father-daughter dance recital, and they were all SO cute!

And what a studio! They have over 600 current students. They have two dance floors, and dance 7 nights a week, several shifts a day. Jazz, tap, ballet.

It was such a blast to watch. I may just have to dance a bit with these crazy jazz dancers!
freedom there is one that makes eveeryone feel sexy, and sweet, seduced, cool, graceful, cultural... there's one for everything.... 040322
"The" Man Shake "the" bootay. 080710
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