florescent light if you're going to perform nutty psychological "therapy"
by wrapping the 10 year old girl
who likes brownies
and hates
her adopted parents
in a blanket
while four unlicensed
"helpers" keep her down
with pillows over her head
once she starts to scream
"I can't breathe"
"I'm dying"
"help, I can't breathe"
it would be a good idea to check
or the brown eyed brownie eating girl will be dead
sim ...boy this dark loops really make me sad...
for me itīs a cool software emulating 4 ancient audio synthesizers.
phil remember being 2? 030120
Strideo some of it, but maybe I just imagine that I do
thepope I remember 2, but it doesn't matter to me anymore, I've come to the realization that there are too many variables determining events and it isn't useful being angry anymore. 040321
flickers of the heart beating back to life to be born again is to be given a second chance, to have the slate wiped clean
yet you are still the same person, set up to follow the same path, you instincts the same
set up to once again, fail
ever dumbening it began in new orleans
it continues in new orleans
and it will come again
to new orleans
nocturnal tuesday nights at maple leaf. guaranteed good time.

do whatcha wanna...
ever dumbening they were off the hook last night. 060129
superleni born again, schmorn again.
has anyone done this? how could you possibly start over? how could you leave everything behind?
misstree never easily
but still always
you just set it down
and walk away
and each step gets easier
and soon you're not in the same land anymore
and soon your're not you anymore
and there are new things that someday
you will have to set down
and walk away from
on the bus when i woke up
i remembered what i said to him
and what had happened the night before
but not what occured in between.
my bath
a kiss
a pull
my heart filling with blood
nude in bed
last minute regrets
and then?
but only for a day or two.
pete sparkles in her eyes 071026
is inescapable 071026
what's it to you?
who go