typhoid anubis sees a flickering light in the distance
stormclouds overhead rumble in unease, but have yet to break.
it is almost dark out. there is no easy shelter to be seen, except possibly for the source of the light. it really isnt possible to tell if they might be friendly or not.
it's either the light or nothing.
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nick Expelled into the wilderness on the third night of winter, I trusted in moral rectitude to prevail in all contests. Across this desolate land I shambled initially unprepared, often unclothed, frequently unfed, and eternally unready. Those companions I met on warm afternoons always chose the coldest mornings to strike out on the next leg of their journeys.
Ever searching to increase my strength, I studied the teachings of wise men, and learned lessons from gods and goddesses.
I forged a hammer of reason in the fires of hate and quenched it in a pool of serenity. With this hammer I would destroy the demons which haunted the world.
Messages left by those who had fallen before I ever came into these lands taught me of many snares and pitfalls that awaited the unwary. I avoided such with great care, and through strength of will, escaped from many for which there could be no warning.
I accepted the warm cloak offered me by the mother bear, and my load was lightened when I stripped away the armor of my fear.
I battled the beasts of chaos daily, and with every victory my soul was cleansed of the taint of their power. Bitterness, despair, anxiety, woe... I washed my hands clean of their life's blood in the raging torrent of time.
I befriended the dragon and with his dynamic energy I changed my destiny. With his protection I rested and gathered my inner strength.

I made peace with mortality on my journey through the wilderness, and I found joy on the other side.
chocolattechic a game I used to play with my friends in elementary school. I'd have them choose a character, like "who do you want to be: a princess, a talking horse, or a wizard", and then give them a "mystery" to solve... they'd choose between visiting the castle or the jungle, or choose what to spend their gold coins on, or how to use their powers. it was pretty cool- somehow i made all the threads fit together and if they made the right choices, they'd win their quest.

pretty imaginative for a sixth grader, eh?
Q quest has been the goal, surely
with our separate spaces, sadly
we need scheduling;
then may the play unravel spontaneously

So email
you know where I am
when you want ...
to play.
what's it to you?
who go