MollyGoLightly Where I was born. 000525
MollyGoLightly they asked where i am from, and i told them.

that boy with the glasses said "you know, that makes sense. yeah, oklahoma! i can see that."

The Schleiffen Man Maybe you have "Dust Bowl" written all over you... =P 000710
el chorizon Oh No!

help me!

it's that show-tune feeling again.

"...gently down the plain"

carne de metal ooooohhhhhhhhhhhklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. 020208
Kate So much for capturing 19-20th century Agraian Discontent!

I would have liked to see and hear you back in 9th grade when you were Curly.
Kate Agrarian 030130
Anna_Began I was thinking about visiting. I guess I'm really not anymore. But I'm still influenced enough to buy the cd... we'll see I guess. 030131
mo there are parts of oklahoma that are pretty...where there are hills and lots of trees...and the dirt is actually brown...
not the middle part though..its flat and VERY windy and ugly...nice people though.
splinken i was allright

[da da dumdumdum]

for awhile

[da da dumdumdum]

i could smile foooor awhile
celestias shadow just watched about an hour of it on tv. it was pretty good.

conclusion: that song will be stuck in my head for no less than 3 days.

further conclusion: Ado Annie is a fuckin' awesome part. I would want to play that part.

furthest conclusion: hugh_jackman is a cutie.
smurfus rex I grew up in Oklahoma City.

If you want to visit, I suggest the eastern part of the state, it's much more picturesque.

I vowed never to move back to OKC unless I got a job that posted me there.

It's where the Tiger lives right now, and that causes me some measure of personal dilemma, because I want to be where the Tiger is.

One of my good friends in college told me about a song he and his wrestling teammates made up on the way to a match in Del City, it goes like this:

Where the men are men and the women are too
And the sheep run scared and so will you
When you coooooooooooome to visit!

I liked it. The song, not the state. But it IS cheaper to live there than Denver. *sigh* more personal dilemmas...
endless desire ooooooooklahome
where the winds comes sweeping down the plane
and the waving weat
can sure smell sweet
when the wind comes
right behind the rain
everything night my
honey lamb and i
sit alone and talk
and watch a hawk
making lazy circles in the skyyyy

((dont ask me why i know that))
pSyche two more months!
here i come!
er.. well. Edmond, really. but let's not be picky.
what's it to you?
who go