mcdougall what a great friend.
she listens when all i want to talk about is her sister and she listens when i dont. she talkes to me about my faith and prays for me too. does she have some who will listen and does she have someone that will try to help? i will be that someone if she wants me to be.
for everything
me I sit in the almost-dark corner...seen...but not the way I want to be seen. I think it's the same for everyone, so I'm in good company. 011226
pontifier moore she's cute, eh? Yea, eh? 011227
me oh, to be mandy. 011229
mandy welcome to mandyland. Prepare to be mandified. Come on, take it like a mandy. It's not a bandana, it's a Mandana! That's Manderiffic. Sup? Manderin orange? ManderBear! ManderBruin! Manders. Manderlicious.

anything but amanda.
silentbob i shouldn't like you 020522
bethany MANZ
she's my mandy

me I'm big...mandy 020524
me obfuscated mandy 020524
Syrope n cathy n randy :-D n mikey occasionally 020623
blue star I remember all my life
raining down as cold as ice
shadows of a man
a face through a window
cryin in the night
the night goes into morning

just another day
happy people pass my way
looking in their eyes
I see a memory
I never realized
how happy you made me

Oh Mandy,
Well you came and you gave
without taking
but I sent you away
Oh Mandy
Well you kissed me and stopped
me from shaking
And I need you today
Oh Mandy

Standin on the edge of time
Walked away when love was mine
Caught up in a world
of uphill climbin
Tears are in my eyes
And nothin is rhyming


Yesterday's a dream
I face the morning
Cryin on a breeze
The pain is calling

(refrain) x2

as cheesy as you can say that song is... it makes me cry.
Syrope i like that song too...its not cheesy!
i was thrilled that it was in Cant Hardly Wait
mcdougall to the lake with her. and anywhere else she will let me take her. friends always.
dirt :)
... I dont care that Ive got your man, I never liked you anyway 030708
silentbob we made out. 030708
Mandida My name is Mandy,.. Mandy Dandy ate some Candy and then had sex with Randy!! LoL!! My full name is Maranda,.. Why isn't there a page for my name!!!!! I kill you! LoL!! My friend Jordan calls me Mandida,.. My email is and it's stupid because people always ask what's your name I'm like look at my fucking email you fucking retard!! LoL! Later Days!!;) 040329
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