unhinged i need to discuss this sport cause it just happens to be my favorite sport in the world. it was the original american pastime back before the puritans landed here but the east coast indians that played it called it baggataway. they played on fields that were miles long by miles wide and they used it to train their young men for war. sometimes men ended up dying. when the french colonized america they renamed the sport lacrosse because the stick the native americans used to play reminded them of the cross that was carried into the church before every catholic mass.

modern lacrosse has ten players for a side on the field at once. the midfielders, the attackmen, the defenders and the goalie. the midfielders and attackmen use sticks that have small heads and short shafts. the defenders use sticks that have small heads and long shafts and the goalie uses a stick with a big head and medium shaft to give him/her a little bit of an advantage. there are field lines similar to the lines in hockey. to start play the midfielders line up on the midline and face off for the ball. the defenders have to stay on their side of the midline and the attackmen have to stay on the other team's side of the midline. lacrosse is a fast-paced game that kind of combines the sports of football, soccer, hockey and basketball with the stick skills unique to lacrosse. the actually have major league lacrosse now too. i'm glad ysu has a team now.
Sintina I had a boyfriend who used to play it when he was thinner and had more time, he told me he loved it.
My school is too po-dunk to participate in any sport but football.
I've never seen the game.
unhinged oooohhh...go watch some lacrosse. it rocks. when my family went to the major league game up in buffalo new york there was a hockey style fight right on the midline and it moves so fast that it's hard to believe it's supposed to be over when it ends. one of the old coaches from my high school moved out to las vegas and he is starting lacrosse out in that part of the west so it might be more of a national sport as opposed to a northeastern thing before you know it. 010121
miranda ok i play lacrosse in georgia and it the south so everyone looks at us like we're crazy.. but i play for an art college which is strange but i just wanted to say that it is a great sport and need more popularity 011011
Norm I play lacrosse but the season is the same as rugby and I'd rather play rugby. 011011
kerry i am a girl and would love to play rugby but i am almost positive that if i try to set foot out there, i will be pushed back into the stands.

we are too delicate, they say...
unhinged yeah, the ysu lacrosse team sucked and i only watched them in passing.

club teams have a tendency to suck. and whenever i say lacrosse around here people think i'm talking about the town. that's wisconsin for you. not the town, the SPORT. ever heard of it? probably not.'s times like these where i want to take somebody's head off that i wish i played.
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