dB Leaders.
Date back to the days of nomadic society.
Why do people not lead themselves.
People should do as they se fit, not because someone tells them so.
Yet they cry out for someone else to tell them what to do.

kx21 Leader is expected to be the first to cross the 'line'... 020716
dB so that is why when you break someones chains and tell them they are free they mill around trying to fix their chains.

Also, if a leader is the one who crosses the line to show that it is safe, why are none of the leaders of this day like that? With the exeptions of say, Mandela and a few others.
Generally presidents and prime ministers tell eveyone else to cross the line first.
DannyH Is this the first example of KX21 answering a question without asking another? 020717
dB I lured him good, yeah? 020717
daxle technically he answered, but as far as I can tell it isn't relevant or making sense 020717
kx21 What constituted a " Line "?

The_string_between_shits_and_stars, etc.

And the riskiest line:-

The String between Hell & Heaven...

How many lines are there in the Cosmos?
kx21 M_Eureka- A very special 'line':-


where everybody is a leader in this line...

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360 degrees of birdmad kx21:

what of the thought that these may not be linear paths but circular or at least elliptical like planets in their orbit?

the recurrence of things.

the repetition of history.

the cyclical nature of life in general

highs and lows / apogee and perigee

walk around in circles
kx21 That's a good M_question...



What is its color, shape, scent, sound & taste?

Tell me that...
Photophobe It won't FEEL the same the next time around... 020718
dB Imagine a circular graph where intensity is measured higer toward the centre.
Since the 'line' circular, the graph is best crawn as a circle so you can see the repeating pattern.
It waould be crawn like the outline of a shamrock leaf, or the like.
It's not a question of when w repeat history/feeling, but how close a resembalance it will have the next time around.

What would it taste like? I imagine it would be candy floss soaked in vinegar. The centre should still taste nice if you cana eat your way through the tainted part surrounding it.
or should I change Humanity is a race who both strives for power, and shuns it at the same time. The quest for power flows into power over man, reality, nature, and eternity. But with the accumulation of power comes change, and nothing is more frightning than change, even though the thought and demand for it are appealing, some semblence of what once was must still be. We walk around in concentric circles, each circumference slightly farther out. Each revolution a repeat of history, reality, and emotion though slightly off from before. 020727
phil today 020729
Photophobe Glint_of_knowledge_in_my_guitar 020803
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Can I unlock the secret of U in every shit and star?
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