asbestos Jigged and jagged and jizzed and jazzed and jazz and lots and lots of jazz. Acid jazz and smooth jazz and old-style big-band jazz. Jazz soaring, jazz dropping and jazz spiraling off all jagged. Jagged. Broken. Cracked. Jagged. Jag. Zag. Zig zag. Back and Forth. Forth and Back. Splintering and splattering and. Splattering? That's water. Glass jaggs. Metal jaggs. I jagg. You jagg. We are all jagged. So jagged. So beautiful and Jagged. 031017
mt yum. 031017
Lemon_Soda BMM 031017
unhinged you tell me that all i need is
but where are you now
when i need you the most?
you take it all away
but i would never burden you
with my tears
they are private
and grotesque
all the parts of me
that i hate
running down my empty face
they scare you
i scare you
because that is who i really am
little broken pieces
sliding down jagged landscapes
and no one needs to be reminded
of futility
no one needs to be reminded
of me
and everything is retreating
but i can't take back
what i can't feel
i won't apologize for what i am
i'm sure you can find someone else
that isn't so grotesque
and sad
someone that isn't
i wish i wasn't like this
i wish i could be
anything but me
and i was content to smile
for you
because when i cried
it scared you
and no one needs to be reminded
no one needs to be scared
and now that everything is better
you don't need to be reminded
so all my happiness is retreating
and i am used to hiding
'please don't do that'
my tears reminded you
of all the things that you were ready to leave
no one needs to be reminded
and you asked me to hide myself
no one needs to see that
but this jagged landscape
was what you hung on to
i'm sure you can find things
a little more smooth and elegant
but i don't need to be reminded
where i can cry all i want without you
without burdening you
as you float away content
unhinged .


some of the parts are smoother now
what time took from me
when i wasn't looking
but jut they still do
jut out from the picture of a proper girl
i will not put honesty_and_tact together
for someone who is trying to hurt me

you are lucky the sakyong asked me to lay down my aggression fucker
otherwise you may just have been the asshole
that broke my public scene making cherry
i smile
the best deception
i smile
cause underneath there is seething anger
like when lava meets the water

go on and forget that i loved you
if it makes you feel better
put all the blame on my shoulders
i'll carry it for you
just like i carried us
just like i carried you
that's what i do
an emotional pack mule, dumping ground
unhinged .


i probably should have left the house today
what's it to you?
who go