lovers lament untouchable, not quite there yet. so close. love, god, power. 001121
blueberries in the rain you drove blind, arriving to find there are things in your life you can touch. like another's life with your generous presence. with your beauty.

you sat across from me in the diner that time forgot. you sat beside me in my father's borrowed car and patiently read the contents of my life. you were held in my arms and then dissolved into the mist from which you came. into tangible memory.

thank you.
Continuous Light driving the miles steady in the rain
i've made this journey to see a face
buried in words.
behind every written melody is a kindred soul
so we are bound to each other, even across a distance
tethered, wrist to wrist, mind to mind
with the ungiving rope of circumstance
i pursue a digital fragment of unyielding sweetness
we are a different sort of addict,
strung out on words and concepts
we are the mortar of a scattered society
scraping the bottoms of a dead city
for some peace of mind, a pardon from this sentence
revelling in a day's worth of freedom,
a mere taste of eden lingering on parched, hungry lips
hanging like our afternoon, in a quaint little diner
or the pungent smoke that filled a car,
gently urging me to open a book of intermingled thoughts
scraps of a life pressed randomly among
the pages of your heart
you became tangible for a moment in time
a ghost passing through my limited world
and once gone, building the memories that will linger for us
for ages to come.
unhinged that's what we were; it's too hard to describe in words because they always somehow ring flat; my heart is always alive again when i am with you. feeding you, covering your head, reading your bible. i never wanted to make you cry; i just needed you to know. 011219
she there is always a small amount of air between your fingers and the skin. in truth you never really touch anything. 011219
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge tanINgible

[how do i get there]?
celestias_shadow i think you were there
for an instant
before you turned around
and were transparent
my fingers slid past you
around you
and i looked through you
to the sky
and i think
in that instant
i saw heaven
nomatter inside_joke 031004
elisabeth42 Words will never do it justice. Words are misinterpreted. Intangible is not. It's shared. 040522
z ineffable 050406
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