Andrew Sier What, you expect something else? Some sort of revelation? Okay. I hate kids. End of fucking story.

niska my fiance and i will have kids, someday. it's really important to him, and i'm sure by then i'll have hit 'snooze' on the biological clock enough times that i'll be on board for it.

i have nothing against good kids.

i just despise inept, dirty or unruly kids. as for the kid kicking the back of my seat on the plane? he got a firm, 'fuck off, brat', with a glare that can paralyse. i don't have to watch my mouth - it's not my kid. i didn't expect it to stop, so i was pretty surprised when it did.

any parent who watches their little miscreant do this, without corrcting it, just isn't being challenged enough, i'm sure. when little 3-year-old billy utters 'fuck off brat' to a sibling, a neighbor or some friend of mom & dad's, they'll be sure to ask where he learned that.

and when he says, 'that mean bitch on the plane', they'll figure, for damn sure, they should be paying some fucking attention.

now they'll have to unlearn some badness, but that's what you get for being a shitty parent.

i like ralph wiggum the character. i can't stand the ralph wiggums at the grocery store, the doctor's office, or the park. when i do have kids, they'll probably drive me out of my mind.
misstree@babiestastegood.com larva.

they steal your life, your money, your time, your youth, and your health, in exchange for frustration, heartache, and pain.

larva are not cute.
they are evil and edible.
jane go niska
kids these days lack discipline
when are they going to have to learn?
when they're in their mid thirties?
Dafremen Sounds like none of you have tried them sauteed in butter with a Key lime vinagrette. 030717
Strideo Yeah! And lambs too! Panzee assed immature farm animals!
ferret i prefer a littl spearmint scope in the mix as well 030717
niska yes jane.
in their thirties.

at least that's when my *cough* 'better' half decided he'll grow up.

we'll see...
ashmanzhou i try to convince others not to have them
as they ensure the continuation of the human race
and that is a negative thing
what's it to you?
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