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hsg Know the intent is there. A girl holding a sign the other day read, free_hugs - it's spreading. It's only_a_matter_of_time before we all hug_each_other_completely as we learn this failed model of consumption isn't what we want or need.

unhinged as usual, after the show i walked up to him with my arms out. as usual, he told me he was too sweaty for a hug. as usual, i hugged him anyway. and as usual, our mutual sweats mingled together through our tshirts and hugs. 091130
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back on veterans day, i went to the bar up the street and started chatting with a sailor that was in the bar. his friend told me to go take over his song selection at the jukebox and when i tried to nudge him out of the way, the only way he would let me pass was with a hug.

'no problem. i give good hugs.'

'oh really?'

i reached up, wrapped my arms around, and pulled him close with a strong squeeze.

'yeah you do. you give real good hugs.' he seemed surprised.

he walked me home a little ways to get another hug out of me.
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on thanksgiving her sister's baby was a little cuddle_bug . really little, still hasn't learned how to crawl and still at that adorable age that when you hold her, she melts into you like mushy undeveloped sack of baby bones that she is.

little baby cuddles are the sweetest
unhinged (when i was a little girl, my father demanded hugs regularly. he would lean over and stick his neck in my face til i wrapped my arms around, no matter how quiet, grouchy, or upset i was. and there was no such thing as a half ass hug with him either. if i limply wrapped my arms around he would say 'that's not a real hug. i want a real hug.' he wouldn't let me go til i squeezed tight. to this day, i judge a boy on the way he hugs, shakes hands.) 091130
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damn. i guess i have a lot to say about hugs.
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(that one made up for months without them)

i met a boy last night
who just became a dad about six days ago
but several months ago
him and the mom decided they wouldn't work out in the long_term
he sat in the bar drinking water

we had a lengthy conversation
and of_course
he brought up his brand_new son
many many times
the weight of it pressed down on him

as i was leaving he gave me his number
i called it so he would have mine
and i made him give me a hug
unhinged anyone that reaches for me these days seems surprised at the intensity of my hugs

i am starved
for affection
lostgirl hugs from the east... 101217
Death of a Rose and hugs from the mountains.

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