pushpins help me make a mix! I want some slow and/or sad songs. My favorite thusfar (that are going on the cd) are:
love ridden by fiona apple
hurt by NIN
acoustic version of everlong by foo fighters
3 libras by a perfect circle
aaannnd maybe something by the deftones.

just to give u a taste of what music i like :).
you guys would be awesome if u helped contribute. i like punk/emo/rock.
HATE rap and country. but I dont think that would be posted anyway...
silentbob maybe Alkaline Trio - 97
maybe U2 - With or Without you

i could make the whole mix for you, but im sure you dont want that.
anything by the weakerthans

i'll stop now.
oasisoncloud10 U2 sux man. die. you need The Murder City Devils.(everysong)lol. Modest Mouse. Vanilla ice(old skool yo). Les Savy Fav. Blink 182(jk). Elvis(lol). and "low" by cracker. call it "the sex tape" 020307
oasisoncloud10 pushpins... i dont think you know any good music. stop being a fucking mainstream whore and listen to some real music, you say you like punk? and emo? why dont you listen to some real "punk" or "emo" bands you fucking poser. do me a fav. and save your pathetic musical intrests by downloading some of the bands i mentioned... ps-dont cry, just grow the fuck up 020307
pushpins 1. I didnt name any of the punk bands I like
2. fuck off
3. fuck off and now you've completely made me want to hate whatever fucking band you posted.
4. i never said I was against *some* mainstream. Just because I enjoy some does not mean I am a fucking poser. i didnt say I WAS a fucking punk, I said i LIKED punk. Get the fucking difference.
5. I don't waste my time on the specifics of what a band does. if I like the music, if i like the mesage, like the lyrics, like the style, if it speaks to me, then I LIKE IT.

5. ah this blathe is wasted on you.
pushpins ah

and fuck cracker
mcdougall thursday - cross out the eyes
catch22 - alone in a crowd
silentbob jamie, don't let him affect you, he's a moron anyway. He actually took the time to type LOL on blather. What a fool. and Blink182 (JK) as if you were about to attack him for saying it.
he is worthless. dont worry.
oasisoncloud10 pushpins, your into punk? 1.fuck yourself 2. if you dont know murder city your not punk, asshole 3. learn somthin about the music you say you like. 4. i want to kick your ass 5. sexy music is the best music, and thats what i listen too. calm the fuck down, shutup, and download some of the shit i told you to (diregard elvis). i promise you a smile 020308
bloody potato chip elvis presley- in the ghetto
elvis presley- kentucky rain

a recipe for depression.
pushpins psst...
you didnt win,
i just don't feel like stooping low enough to speak to you as if you were a peer.

silly oasis bitch.
captain crunch one part funk
two parts ice
throw another part funk for flavor
blend to perfection
what's it to you?
who go