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"everything is darkness"
pSyche if everything is darkness,
then there is no light.

and if there is no light,
then there is also no darkness...
palm I will believe this never again and no longer. 050323
misstree crawled too far back into my cave
badgers are persistent
and the rain is washing away
the creashing dirt
and all i smell is blood and fear
and even a mouse will fight a cat
until it can run
or die
Lemon_Soda A false pretense assimilated into the thought patterns of individuals who nolonger except that things are more likely to be good than bad and therefore allow this mindframe to decide for them that whatever may present itself is malign in nature and cannot be trusted. Anything appearing to every sense to be purely beneficial is, of course, to good to be true and thus cannot be trusted either. After a time the individual becomes happy in their misery, believing, if nothing else, that they have a firm grasp of what is to be expected and will fight to uphold their beliefs, often insisting on malevolent intent when there was none to begin with. In order to obtain anything that they desire they must first establish that it hurts them in someway and then must decide if they are willing to suffer this "payment" in order to enjoy the positive aspect of whatever they are pursuing.

To me, the flaw in this philosophy is obvious. If the flaw is not obvious, one must come to it on their own for this opinion to have any appreciable impact.

A poem, celebrating the darkness and the comfort it has given me in my time of need:

Soft comfort comes
At end of day,
In nights domain,
My head I lay,

So I rest,
My worried heart,
free from pain,
Or malignant part,

The shadows smile
and wrap me tight,
safe I am,
Outside the light,

That inky pool,
of secret ears,
Will always listen,
To my fears,

It does not laugh,
or mock my worry,
It claims to be,
not judge nor jury,

It is this time,
with distractions gone,
with arms folded,
God I call on,

He tucks me in,
And pats my head,
"You did well,
Now go to bed,"

I am home now,
in evening harness,
rock me to sleep,

-Lemon_Soda '05
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