Rhin ode to X in detroit,

you self-righteous fuck! i didn't mean that. no, i meant that, i just didn't mean to say it. honestly, i still adore you! you are hurting me! you demanded my soul, yet you cried patience was a virtue of yours. i wasn't completely forthright with you, but you lied to me too. how could you throw all our time away. all that time... did it mean nothing to you? you declared me to be your soulmate, but you took that for granted. do you think it comes that easily? shame on you, and shame on me, for not seeing what it really was. and as for how i really feel about you, i guess you'll never know. i just pray you don't spend the rest of your life trying to duplicate it, because you have to know that it would never be the same. now, you will have to settle. as for me, i know i will never again trust my soul to you, because you don't deserve it.
a true soulmate would not have thrown my heart around, like a ragdoll.

ironic - it's been 3 weeks of silence on his end, and at the moment i finished this outpouring of my heart, my phone rings, and i hear his amazing voice come spilling out of my answering machine, as if nothing was ever amiss! how's that for timing?!?! what's that saying......too little, too late? these few weeks have given me time to reflect and get ahold of myself, and then in one swift, crashing second, i'm crying again...trying to breathe again...he just ripped my heart up again. Mr. X, if you care anything for me, please let me go. if i run back to you, it will be without my soul, so that really wouldn't be me, would it? i beg of you...set me free!
Rhin second phone call rolls in...that wonderful sense of humour. your amazing impersonation of gump still astounds me, and to be honest, scares me! let me see if i remember one line, from the film, correctly..."dear god, make me a bird, so i can fly far - far, far away" 001114
Barrett Rhin, give me his address, I'll rough him up for ya. 001115
Rhin hugs to barrett! i can't tell you how tempting your offer is. although, i think he deserves exactly what he is getting..........silence. i have broken away. i did it. willpower gives one such an amazing high, doesn't it? 001115
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