zenfishsticks excedrin makes my uterus happy! 020108
SuicidalAngel hahaha! that was cute! 020108
ClairE Do fish get cramps after eating? 020109
psychobilly bird i'll be dancin' thru the flames
like a devil in disguise...

psychobabe ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
painfull as hell
glad its here
but fuck i want it to leave!
at least its a relieveing feeling
to know i'm not knocked up like
some of the stupid chicks around here
*sighs with happiness and pain*
sad girl why do i have to go to work?? why should i have to go to school?
im laying here doubled over in pain on my bed and i dont know if i can even stand upright but yet it is no excuse. "you get these every month its shouldnt be something to stop you from your responsabilities"
well u come deal with them and then see how eager u are to have to go to work and smile at customers like youre absolutely perfect!!! or go to school and sit and learn when all u can think about is what is the most comfortable way to sit for an hour and a half!!!

the cramps is also the name of a cool band
notemily ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen (the holy trinity)

it really is like being sick for days. can't get out of bed, can't do anything, and it seems so unfair that the world still has its demands. medicine takes so goddamn long to work when it says take with food and water but you can't eat anything because the idea of food is utterly repulsive.

for me, they are worst in the morning and second worst at night. he says "are you ok" and i say no, what does it look like, of course i am not ok!
no reason ugh.
and i hate when men, specifically my dad, ask why i'm taking tylenol.
Piso Mojado why the heating pad is my best friend 030119
LawnGnomeFreak What did I ever do to my uterus? It needs to drown... In it's own lining, nonetheless!

... Now where's that excedrin?
endless desire ow. these usually leave me alone.
ow. i shouldn't complain.
ow. when i get my period, it's a special treat.
ow. because it's not like it regularly visits me.
ow. you can leave now.
IKC 56-80 I said how far, baby
How far
can too far go?

just bought the "A date with Elvis" CD
what's it to you?
who go