like rain. we used to talk all the time about going to montana, about driving under the stars until the world faded beneath the wheels of her car. i wonder if i'd fall asleep, my head rested against the seatbelt, drifting away into oblivion as she drove to new horizons beside me.

we used to talk about cowboys, about riding into the sunset, about dust kicked up by the heels of stallions.

stupid fucking romanticism.

still, it's the nicest thought i've got left...
carne de metal soy cowboy, alla voy
en Ohio estoy.
precious_butterfly As much as ever, only better.
As ever, only better.
As ever, only a little more.
The same, but more.
The same, but more.


The same, if more

elimeny Cowboy
Where did you go
And did you know
Just what you did to me
Why did you ride
Off into the
Sunset without me
Without telling
Send me a postcard write me a letter
Shoot up a word, anything would be better
Than, than, this not knowing..

Then I awoke
And found my life broken
Made into a token
I gambled in a slot machine
But thatís how it goes
When one wants to know it all
Thatís where the hardest falls
Wash everyday quickly away

beware of married cowboys.
megan i'd like to call you my wild horse
and feed you silver sage

i'd like to paint my poems
with desert tongued clay
your back
and ride you savagely
as the sweet and southern wind
through a green and wild Kentucky.

I'd like to make you my secret sun
blazing dark and red in the orchards
and i would steal away
to watch the way
your silver belly bends
and bows beneath me

i'd make you my wings
in the foothills of Montana
my lover in the oceans of the world
i'd make you my many calico children
and scatter you
the green memories of home
i'd be your hungry valley
and sow your golden fields of wheat
in my womb
mama dont let your babies grow up to be "cuz they're never at home, and they're always alone...even with someone they love" 030604
megan save a horse... 030701
Stubborn cowboys have paisleys stiched in their boots...they carouse, and betray, never feel or stay but other than that are pretty much me. But even cowboys can't lasso trees, can't sweep a Sequoia off her feet, can't uproot a force of nature from her world. 030804
ninja Wasn't much to look at, just a free rambling man ... 040314
elegance twiggy 040614
stephshine i was obsessed with making-out with a cowboy when i was 12. obsessed with making out in general-but cowboyseemed extra-sexy. 070219
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