typhoid 1. Harry Houdini
2. Swing Music
3. Pretzels
4. 8 months
5. Testy Culbert
6. It protrudes.
7. No vocal cords
lotusmagic One sunset at dusk I was deliberating one particular question and I was exhaustively stuck. A tingling sensation came over me, I felt different.
It was dawn now, and the morning light from the sunrise, wakened me. I could not evaluate the question any further and there was nothing I could do to make me know the answer, I just didnt know. I started to see it as all a waste of my passing through this earth trying so desperately to figure it all out when even minds of absolute genius didnt even know the answers. We just dont know. In this maddening quest of mine this was the point where I said, it is time to stop trying to get more. Stop wanting more and more and just be. This was the stage when I could accept and let go of the fact that I did not know the answers yet and was finally content with just being.
moonchild answers bring on more questions. 021115
[.:..The SeeR ..:.] To desire instantaneous answers for deep concepts is to deprive yourself of the best explorative device in history...

The Quest!
Toxic_Kisses I'm still looking for them *Looks over the sholder of the person in front of her to shee if they have any yet* 030903
TK Typo: see 030903
MeKoy What are but, let a window ledding to more guestions. ledding to more guestions that have more answers, but do answer even exsits? 031226
indifferent I know the answers
for others
but not for
not for
hsgatincamail searching for. 040604
BitterSweetDream I could do with some answers to the fundamental questions.
I dont want to do Daisy anymore. I hate the church that we have to reherse at. It's painful.
The show is awful.
I want to drop out.
My other half is coming to watch the show.
I have never been more embarassed.
Staind_And_Souless I found some.
Who KBCP was.
What to do about you.
And what to do to you.
KBCP is more evil than I could ever be.
My god, it's inhuman what's being planned.

Still, I'll be leaving my mark.
All over her face.
Wonderer Sometimes after finding the answers to your questions, you realize that it was much more enjoyable, more invigorating, to simply wonder. But by then, it's too late to go back! Has anyone else noticed this? 060207
No ... ! No one else has noticed that. 060207
LS It takes the loss of innocence to realize you can't have it back, Wonderer... 060207
sisyphus a clever way of putting positively what I do not have. 071106
what's it to you?
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