alicia boys. are dumb. right, marjorie?

[reasons to follow. i just don't feel like typing much right now.]
ikon cause biologically, the y chromosome is an incomplete x chromosome. men are genetically inferior. to say the least.
not that it matters much. I still like dick.
Q Ms. Ikon, you truly are an ikon of brilliance and bravado but you're not perfect. This one you got partly wrong.
Let me focus first on the positive, the correct part of your statement. Yes, because I take it from your bald statement that you are straight, it is correct for you to like dick. There is a lot to be enjoyed by you and the possessor of a dick for which you feel a special attachment. I would encourage without any reservation or, for that matter, hesitation your liking any dick you choose, even though you're not perfect. Your brilliance and bravado are plenty good enough for ... (Nope, slap my hand, I will not go there. I've not been invited down that path.)

Now for the blatantly incorrect part of your statement. The smaller Y chromosome is not merely an incomplete X, and so males are not genetically inferior to females. The Y chromosome has genes that code for the production of substances that control genes on or gene products from the X chromosome. The consequence of this is that males are different from females in a number of ways, as all of us know and, unless we are dull, never stop finding out. If the Y were merely an incomplete X, males would be hardly more than sickly females, would not have dicks, and would not be able to participate with non-sickly females in procreation. The only creation would be amateur, to say the least.

(I apologize if anyone is offended in any way by this. It is intended to be funny, for the most part.)

Copr. 2000
camille without it would we be here????

Yes Quill without the y chromosome there would not be a dick or a jane for that matter... :o)
marjorie damn that y_chromosome.
just remember:
boys don't like smart girls.
right, alicia?
Quack what?

that gross generalization is false. there is I know personally at least one exception.
alicia absolutelie rite, dearie. absolutelie rite. :) 000314
dean-bean Did you know that sperm with an y chromosone swim faster than sperm carrying an x chromosone, but those with the x live longer? 000314
Brad Marjorie & Alicia... Sure boys like smart girls... I do anyway. Rest assured. What troubles me, however, as that girls dont seem to like nice boys. 000315
alicia or, as i heard it put once,

"boys don't make passes
at girls who wear glasses"

we are of the rarest kind. we are the exception to the rule. i like nice boys. its just impossible to find any around here. which is why i'm gay. :)

but thats a storie for another day..
girl i like nice boys
my boy is nice
but i can see how nice boys might think that girls dont like them
ive dated lots of not nice boys before
i think its a matter of whats available
Wayne y_chromosome

mm mm (sound of throat clearing)

why not some chrome is home?
p2 it's kinda sad
how women used to be/still are blamed
for having daughters instead of sons
when it really all depends
on the man
what's it to you?
who go