miniver Oh, look.

Penis envy for blather boys finally manifests itself in competitory prodigiousness.

I could say I saw it coming.

Kindergarten?? Let's just say by preschool, I'd seen it all coming...and don't even get me -started- on the rubik's cube. Or should I say rubik's DODECAHEDRON...
The Schleiffen Man oh my stars! look! look! people relating to each other about similar (and dissimilar) experiences! WHO DA THUNKIT? let the competition begin! of course it's all about intellectual penis envy, what else are we good for? sheesh.... god forbid people remember their lives in the presence others... i was not a prodigy, i was not a genius, i was me stuck in school and nothing more. if i'd have been anything else, i'd have told you so.

ps. just kidding hehehe
klarchen much ado about nothing.

La la la

la la


stan yea "stuck" in school says it all. Klarchen's poem on kindergarten says it elegantly...for me she hit the nail on the head. The word genius seems bandied about a little lightly these days. Before they had tests for it who and who was not a genius was a little more clear. In kindergarten, Art Tatam would skip recess to play the piano, his teacher remembers seeing the little 5 year old boy rolling tenths with his left arm using his elbow, his arms were so skinny it worked... had to , his hands couldn't reach them. I doubt if one who witnessed such a thing would apply the word genius very lightly after that. Who said "talent learns from others, genius learns from itself"? 000801
grendel my intellect is at best, functional
i have no great ambition other than managing to overcome this pathological shyness just long enough to find some brief moment of personal validation through someone who will likely never hear half of the things i have said here

and as for the penis envy reference,


for lack of a better pun (intended or otherwise)
i think we all saw that one coming.
Santos besides, would you rather have it manifest itself in the form of some shouting display of badly typed eminem references by some inverse prodigy who likely experienced grade retention on a regular basis

just thought i'd work in that cheap shot somewhere
grendel yeah, great, thanks a lot

now we'll have to put up with one of that guy/girl/person's all-caps rants here.

why don't you and he/she/it take it outside or something

enough already
klarchen Aaah, what have I kreated here?

A monster?

Ooooo kreepy.
MollyGoLightly miniver:

you're rad.

yes ma'am.

what's it to you?
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