pinball wiz heal me 020616
unhinged sensation 020616
Freak I need you to touch me. I need you to touch me all over. I need to feel you so I can know that Im not just a mass of emotion. So I know I can feel more than just emotion. So I know Im alive and not just someones thought. So I know I am real.

So I don't have to find ways to make myself feel without you here.
Aimee right there... oh please... touch me.. feel me... caress me... oh god... right there... 020731
birdmad the_sun_alwas_shines_on_tv 020731
girl_jane Tonight, all I wanted was a kiss. 040225
.fallen I need to feel 040225
Lemon_Soda I need to hold. 040225
Syrope human touch heals so many things.
Eowithien Touch me...

..but don't be surprised if I fall apart from harboring the longing to be held for so long.
girl_jane_sings_rocky_horror_picture_show_tunes touch-a-touch-a-touch me-I wanna be dir-ty... 040229
Syrope it'll be alright if you fall apart with me. only then i'm afraid we might come apart with more of each other than we ever meant to entangle. maybe if i do inventory before & after... 040229
sylverquiklight I wish someone in particular craved to touch me as I crave to hold them, taste them and experience them. God, what I would do to taste her skin, to feel the bumps of her flesh and soak in her warmth, and to relish the softness of her hair.

Instead, she has to be a total bitch and ignore me. Fuck you.
nemo the doors 040323
love & hate You've touched me before,
why not now?
what have i done?
why wont you touch me?
why wont you hold me?
what has changed in you?
what has changed in me?
will you ever touch me again?
will i ever get to touch you again?
all i want is one soft, delicate, heart-racing touch
to caress you once more
is that too much to ask?
zanna i just want to know your there .. 050712
misstree i'm greedy for more... 050713
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl embrace_me_surround_me

touch is so underrated.

we took a quiz/question thing at school in a PSHE lesson, and they asked us which is the most important sense of the 5 we all have.

everyone, apart from a friend of mine and i said sight.
and fair enough, it is pretty damn crucial.
but i thought that although you might not be able to see things, at least you would be able to touch them, and that would feel so much more important to you.

i said touch.
working off the idea that i would still be able to have some sort of intimacy with people.
your eyes, ears, nose and ultimately mind all trick you anyway.

things feel more real if you can touch them.
three words knuckles apolstles touch_me 061106
tilt in blue god i want to be touched. 061106
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