misstree the tossers have won rock star status so many times over... when i first saw them live, a friend told the story of when he'd seen them... he noted that the banjo player had a really neat design on his instrument, looked kind of like a rose... as the show progressed, it grew, and he realized that the banjo player's fingers were bleeding, but he was still playing like a demon.

when i saw them last, near the end of the show the lead singer walked to the side of the stage, evacuated a little bit of space in his stomach, walked back to the mic and kept singing, good as ever.

both times i've seen them they've been raucous and wonderful, and the singer will sit and sing old drinking songs for/with the audience.

now *that* is a friggin' show.
misstree needs to learn that whole editing thing (sit and sing old drinking songs after the rest of the show... should have clarified) 030908
Lemon_Soda I always feel outside looking in at concerts, even when I'm standing in the middle of the crowd.

Helps alot when I have a friend with me.

Getting into it is the hardest part. I have such a horrible memory I can't recall the names of bands and songs and musicians and such. I always feel so stupid. I either keep my mouth shut and say "I'm fine" or "Havin' fun" when they ask me or I try to shift the conversation to something I'm more familiar with. I sometimes shift the conversation to my freind, just so I can hear them talking, a much more enjoyable experience in the midst of people I don't know and music I've never heard.

I smoke twice to three times as much there just so I have something to do. Same with achohol. many...people...
realistic optimist just ger a bit crazy and dance and feed of the energy of the crowd. hard to start to do, but once you do, it amplifies the experience exponentially. i know, i used to be the guy holding up the wall smoking cigarettes. 030908
misstree for me it depends on whether or not the band Grabs me and Takes me somewhere. if they do, it's like dancing at the club, everything around me fades away and there is nothing but the pipeline to temporary transcendence. when that's not going on, i mill about, watch and feed from the crowd, and just try to be generally unobtrusive and anonymous. unless i'm drunk. then i'm usually playfully belligerent. 030908
"The" Man Salads aplenty. 070710
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