paste! That which should not be said,
will not be said
but they will however
make faces at you like
themelting canteen” face or
hungry sliding pigeon”,
even theI hate you very much
and would kill you
when your back is turnedface.

Most people don’t get that last one,
the face that is.
They don’t make it, I mean.
The imposters rarely give that face
is what I’m trying to say here.

It’s a very rare face to have in this
eager brown land. It’s so brown and eager that the dirt will take your hand and dance with you.
The trees have no leaves and love
to listen to avant-garde jazz.

The older foreigner pushes his wife
around in the wheelbarrow somewhere
below in the caves that you have
never seen. Its single wheel
isn’t a wheel at all and was taken
from the eyesocket of a dead elephant.
The older foreigner is assumed to be the prime minister
and all of the imposters are most assuredly mimicking his earlier, fiercer days before he came here and settled down with his wife.

The imposters like to stick closely
to one another.
Right now, they are eating, because they have a long day
ahead of them in a few days.

Now, they are eating, but soon they will
form a caravan. They have made pacts against the grand pianos
on the other side of the brown mountains. They call those infamous peaks “The Shrivelers”.

I want you to know in a mild and unassuming way, that the skin
is peeling from your back
because you are sliding
out of the chair.
Then again, everything is a dying breed.

The imposters are definitely
a dying breed. The skin from
your back has fallen onto
a closed and slick black grand piano
to create a texture much like
ice shavings in a pool of sludge,
but very unlike the red smoke
in the eyes of the imposters
as they come for you.

Do not fear them though, as they still have a few days before they arrive. Prepare yourself with C4 explosives
or better yet,
by listening to avant-garde jazz.
foreigner i want to know what love is, i want you to show me eric dolphy. out to lunch or live at the five spot, i've been waiting for a girl like you. it's urgent that ornette and don cherry meet albert ayler and late-period trane. willie and family live forever! 010622
paste! the shape of the out is supreme.
boom! a smoking waterfall. stamp!
god the scraping_sound you hear really wasn't me, but it was. 021009
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