don't look back, don't look back
he's right on your trail
don't look back, don't look back
he's just a step away from hell
don't look back, don't look back
into the strange_face_of_love
stork daddy forwarding ever strangely.
this road leads to the sea eventually,
which leads to other roads.
every point if the universe slowed
for even just a second
would circle in on itself.
and the birth death atoms
can never decide.
the strange face of love
the strange faith of love
is ever familiar
ever strange,
strange, that the first moment
is always also the last.
icy don't look back
into those liquid pooling orbs
they have no end
depths beyond infinity
spiraling off into the darkness
of lost memories

don't look back
those mean twisted lips
sneering at vulnerability
cruelly laughing at pain
evil grins with sharp teeth

don't look back
harsh lines mar the dank skin
stretched taut over cheekbones
bruised and battered
tough as leather

don't look back
for it is an insanely strange face
gaze too long and you will be lost
in its terrifying grip
it will claim a piece of you -
a piece of your soul -
lost to the void...

better to have loved and lost
than never loved at all?
no, it better not to love

replaces it with bitterness
icy no, *it's* better not to love...

apparently doesn't proofread
Lila Pause Funny, but the love I feel makes me want to break you in two. 050915
icy and yet again, you rear your ugly head...
or would it be lust instead?
how long does it take to build love? i know it doesn't come along at opportune times at best. what's the difference between lust and a crush? can these develop into love, or are they separate?
when does it become obsession?

does it matter?
spoken the strange face of love hmmmmm thats peculiar brings to mind
coyote ugly

gnaw your arm off to sneak away
and feel the shame of yesterday
of having drank away your pain
then fucked a stranger "whatcha gain?"
he knows your body a stranger still
awoke to his face
i think i'll be ill
what was in my drinks last night
and whens he leaving, "ugh, the sight"
hope never again to see his face
i hang my head in such disgrace
. . 090419
unhinged heroin_doll 090419
spoken possibly or a roofie
once your burned
lesson learned
what's it to you?
who go