cube "The result of a small mind trying to express itself forcefully." [author unknown]

See an_email_unsent. Rather, don't see it if you don't like profanity...
andru235 a mind can rise to heights sublime

then plummet to a low most skanky

returning to the height again, thereafter

all within the course of an afternoon

it is a fucked up, shitty thing
yet, it is transcendently delightful in myriad ways
oldephebe D***!

That was well put.
oldephebe I always feel blackened and lessened by it. I mean after I've let the adrenaline fusilage amp up to osmotic and just cuss like a hamster with a faraday induction coil surgically appended to his nether regions...I always feel kinda like a bad little boy boy, like, I'm better than that somehow.

425,000 or so words in the language and i resort to that kind of oral defecation.

I sicken me at those times.
andru235 in conversation i generally avoid profanity. but there is a accompanies base cussing that is not found in even the most wittily phrased vehemence. profanity is, in my estimation, quite overused, but it's use is a reflection of how people feel, and what is more important in life than how we feel?

[the strictest adherence to apathies and stoicisms and logics and neutralities is only of interest because we *like* it. if practicality brought us nothing but pain, or even no feeling whatsoever, we wouldn't care one bit about it. for whatever reason people are attracted to such things, what makes it worth it is a pleasure of sorts...]

so, profanity may be cheap and coarse, vague and base, but the way it is used can speak volumes about other stuff.

i've certainly found that, in some circles of people, if i want to be taken seriously, i must throw in a bit of cussing. there are some groups where phrases like "what tranquil delight" just won't fly.

and if i am put off at times by those who swear incessantly, i am equally put of by those who affect a preciosity so delicate that the merest use of a vulgarity (sp?) incurs their snivelling disdain.

indeed, is there not a sort of profanity to be found in actions, or in the use of polite language? i find the cowardice of a muttered or cloaked derision to be more 'profane' than someone who comes right out and says "fuck you". granted, 'profanity' has many definitions.

i have been the saint and the sinner alike in any of these examples...

if i worked really hard to prepare a meal for some people, i would be equally pleased to hear any of the following:

"indubitably, 'tis a scrumptious culinary intrigue!"
"man, this is fuckin' good!"
"may i have seconds?"

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nom i must thank three_words for bringing this to my attention 051206
*go* fucking stress-releaser if you fucking ask me! shit! 051206
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