frippy Worth a thousand words, perhaps.
But comic books don't get much respect
as a literary form.
birdmad i will take the one i keep of you next to my desk, seal it up in an envelope and eventually send it back to you with that letter 000501
fairydust he wanted to take pictures. we never did so now i have only memories. maybe that is better in a way. 000502
Hallkwik Are pictures be better than memories? 010201
carey looking at it he realized that the picture was really just upside down. 010207
kinimex was red and smelled like paint 010327
PEACELOVESHEEP Picture yourself on a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly,
A girl with kalidescope eyes...
Sparticus we look at photographs. we see the movie. do we ever stop to think as we watch, "what is just beyond the edge of that frame? what lurks outside the edge of this captured reality?"

i am looking at a picture of myself. i see myself in a blue shirt with a gold collar, making a cute little boy smile. my touseled dark blonde hair merges with green plants with yellow and purple flowers in the background.

what i do not see is the door to the left, or the busy street just to the right. tagged up payphones are missing, and so is the sky and earth. cameras should be 360 degrees

just me. captured, for a moment in a sliver of space. what lives outside the edges of our realities?

what lives outside of your frame?

tell yourself what you see and believe. look past the edge of your picture, and never forget to remember

what is outside the frame?
try this it rocks! Right-Click "Select All" then Right-Click "copy" andthen Right-Click "paste" everything you see below this line, (don't copy the line itself just everything below) and paste it into a *.txt file then right-click on the text file "Rename" elf_jpg.txt to elf.jpg

then double click on the elf.jpg file and see the image
(here is the line as mentioned above)
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dandy See pictures (with color and everything unlike above) at http://1000words.net/ all levels of skill, hit or miss, but no house style to deaden senses. 050125
tr you are so pretty, no picture can show that. It's like, when I look at a picture from you, I think my heart wouldn't stand looking at you- in person... 050129
cubby I just looked at your picture and realized I don't know you any more. 080920
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