emmi i have this finnish song stuck in my head. in it magdalena is a little girl with a hole in her sock who can't sing and has 9 teeth in her mouth and a butterfly on her ear and bunnyrabbits under the table 060718
RoaulDuke Damn good A Perfect Circle Song

channeling maynard "So pure
so rare
to witness such an earthly goddess
i'd sell
my soul
my self-esteem
a dollar at a time"
RoaulDuke "for just one kiss, one taste of you my magdalena" 060719
RoaulDuke i mean "For one chance, one kiss, one taste of you, my Magdalena 060719
Playmaker Magdalena was a Swedish air hostess on a Scandinavian Airways flight to Lulea, Sweden in the middle of 2006. I was first confronted with her as I walked down the aisle to my seat. I was looking at the numbers as I heard "Hej hej!" I looked to my left and the purest blue eyes I'd ever seen in concert with a symphony of shoulder-length nordic blonde hair.

Her teeth were a perfect white. Enshrined admidst a naturally full pair of lips. "Hey" I said, with a cheeky smile. "I get two, I must be your favourite." I took my seat, looked back at her and said "So, what's for dinner?" She told me they don't serve airline meals, I laughed and said, "I know, I meant the dinner you're going to cook for me - it'll be elk, right?" I got another laugh. Game on.

I was seated near the back of the plane, allowing me to converse with her regularly. I learned she'd lived in the north all her life, that she loved the wilderness too much to seek residence in the south like so many others.

I asked her what she liked best. She responded simply, 'solnedgång' - sunsets. I was sold. Three hours later, after a dinner of elk (the one she incidentally cooked for me), I rowed her out to the middle of an isolated lake near her home where we watched the midnight sun together.

I was taken with the way she held my hand, gentle yet secure. The sublime tenderness of that I shall never forget. I rowed her back and we went inside. She undressed and got in beside me. Her head fell on my chest as she allowed her right leg to fall across mine. I looked into her eyes and kissed her while tucking her hair back around her ears.

I told her she'd look cute with pigtails......and maybe a viking helmet.
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