Glory Box Kath-leen.

You're not as Irish as you should be, but you're sure lovely when you tart yourself up.

We pretty up for one another. Maybe, just maybe, there's something else twinkling in the background.

But your bird, and your husband. What are we, Kathleen?
Glory Box I love talking to you. Smiling later tasting our words on my cherry lips.

More vanilla than anything, really.

Sometimes my hands ache to push your numbers, dial your phone, listen to it ringing across the city.

But I am very aware of propriety, and the necessary distance, all the pretty picket fences.

I love you silhouette, and I remember the places that you've been.

What you are is the word between acquaintance and friend, the word I can't find, don't even know where to look.
silentbob waiting for a message from kathleen
Glory Box Kathleen never leaves me messages.

In fact, Kathleen never, ever calls me. Who knows, maybe I never give her the chance. But I thril to the thought of a message from Kathleen.

I think we might almost be friends.

I'm amazed that I pulled this off.

Clap - on.
Glory Box Authority figure.


I work hard to break down the stupid barriers. I've fought them all my short life.

I'd like to think I'm getting somewhere with this one though. I'm hoping that you too don't end in pathetic tragedy.
Glory Box How predictable.

I'll miss most what we never had. I'll miss the possibility that I carried in my breast like a ripe, glowing Virgin Mary heart.

Holy Mother of God, save me from losing my way. The path is full of thorns, and it's so easy to turn back. Give me strength, give me strength.
Glory Box Trying not to slip into hatred.

I'm so confused. It's like a state of being with sparse periods of grace.

What is it in me that needs this so badly?
Glory Box I quit when you brushed me aside.

But I've made up my mind to call you on your birthday.

And I thrill to hearing your voice again.

This distance was necessary. Now there's not much left to say.
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