grendel among the premier post-punk bands of the late seventies

along with Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Cure the Damned and a handful of others they would be the foundation of the subcutlure and genre known as Gothic

the remaining members of the band went on to reform as New Order shortly after vocalist Ian Curtis committed suicide as Joy Division was contemplating their first American tour

* love_will_tear_us_apart

* dead_souls

* twenty_four_hours

* decades

* atmosphere

(some of their more recognizable songs)
birdmad 1977 - 1980 000709
abulia like us
touching from a distance
hanging around our houses

(where it's safe)
Joana. silence
Don't walk silence
See the danger...always danger
Endless rebuilding
Don't walk away silence
Don't turn silence
Your illusion
Worn like a mask of self-hate
Confronts and then dies
Don't walk away

People like you...find it easy
Aching to see...walking on air
Hunting by rivers, through the streets every corner,
Abandoned too soon

Set down with due care
Don't walk silence
Don't walk away
9vJ i remember nothing 000716
moonshine Shes lost control.
And she gave away the secrets of her past and said "I lost control again"...
Barrett Warsaw 001011
birdmad shadowplay 001231
j_blue somehow never been fortunate to hear much of their stuff, which is funny since i go out of my way to hear everything else; new_order, depeche_mode, the_cure, etc.

oh well
silentbob ok
one time i asked birdmad if they were a christian band and hes like, "No."
NOW i realize what was going on...
i was thinking of Joy_electric
so nevermind
sabbie 'joy division' was the term the nazis used for the women they forced into prostitution to keep all them army boys happy. 010308
birdmad the above explanation was part of why some people thought that the band were fascists in their early career

changing their name to New_Order upon reforming after Ian Curtis committed suicide caused renewed fears about such matters a few years later
birdmad procession moves on,
the shouting is over
grendel *atrocity_exhibition 010717
birdmad heart_and_soul 011123
grendel (this is the way step inside) from_safety_to_where ? 020520
silentbob disorder 020919
grendel ice_age 020920
IKC 56-80 d_i_g_i_t_a_l 030511
bird these_days 031123
grendel 29 years today since Ian_Curtis died 090518
z 090518
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