birdmad Instincts that can still betray us
A journey that leads to the sun
Soulless and bent on destruction
A struggle between right and wrong

You take my place in the showdown
I'll observe with a pitiful eye
I'd humbly ask for forgiveness
A request well beyond you and I
Heart and soul
- one will burn --

An abyss that laughs at creation
A circus complete with all fools
Foundations that lasted the ages
Then ripped apart at their roots

Beyond all this good is the terror
The grip of a mercenary hand
When savagery turns for good reason
There's no turning back, no last stand
Heart and soul
- one will burn --

Existence -
well what does it matter?
I exist on the best terms I can
The past is now part of my future
The present is well out of hand --

Heart and soul - one will burn --
One will burn,
one will burn

Heart and soul
- one will burn
grendel 1979, 1980, Curtis, Hook, Sumner 011123
uhane kuokoa is nothing more than a silly expression and an easy song to play on the piano

unhinged one_in_the_same 120917
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