Q once recently i was protesting in favor of people's right to be nude at a clothing-optional park. we actually have one of those in my state, although i've never availed myself of visiting it and dedonning the coverings over my birthday suit. it was the principle that drew me to the protest.

now a friend of mine and i were the only ones there openly protesting for the hardly revolutionary right to exercise the option of no clothing at a clothing-optional park. (there were many closet sympathizers, mostly, as it turned out, newswomen who were filming and otherwise reporting on the protest.)

there were a huge number, about 200, christian fundamentalists who had arrogated to themselves to speak on behalf of god and wanted the park changed to clothing-mandatory.

one of these fundamentalists explained to me that any person that would be nude at a clothing-optional park would necessarily be a pervert and therefore against god and, unless s/he would "reform", would be condemned to hell. i proceeded to remind him that the old testament indicates that god ordered isaiah to go naked in the dessert for a long time (i think two years) and that isaiah complied. after that, the fundamentalist refused to speak to me.

the park remains clothing-optional.
camille I believe that clothing was the furthest thing from god's concept. Clothing was simply begun by adam out of the am-bare-ass-ment of his sin.

Clothing is simply what we hind behind because of our insecurities.

It is not walking around naked without clothes on that is a sin. As God's word states it's the lust behind the thought that is sin.
Q hmmm, i'm a bit confused by your points.

may i take it that you agree with my position - that it is not inherently "perverse" or "sinful" to be naked outside, at least not at a park designated as "clothing-optional", and that people who choose to should be allowed to be naked at such a place?

that the sin, if there be one, is "lust" (which, as a sin of the mind, also is no business of government) but that my adversary in discussion at the protest missed that point by instead arguing that nakedness outside is inherently perverse?
camille i do not argue anyone's stand. whether it be standing fully clothed or naked :o)

If the place is intended for the naked then so be it. I would think it would need to be decided by the majority.

I myself could not walk around naked in front of so many people as...i have been fully clothed most of my life...

Nor do i have the problem with lust as it exists.

I myself choose to not be lusted by others...oops .. i meant i myself choose not to lust after others... :o)

(no argument here) everyone has a view :o)
MollyGoLightly This is such a beautiful name. God. I'm smiling. For the seventy-thousandth time today. But Isaiah is my last, because I think I may be going to bed soon. 000527
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