unhinged i'm supposedly intelligent. a lot of boys admire me for it. i hate when they tell me that though, it's even more insulting than the word cute, because i've found that a majority of guys don't want to be with a girl they perceive as more intelligent than them. it's a threat to their masculinity. they could maybe dismiss my intelligence if i looked like her. let my beauty overshadow my brain and forget about the words coming out of my mouth. but i don't. i don't have beauty; i have cuteness. oh yeah; and intelligence. 020201
jezebel i am searching for my own intelligence
i have forgotten about the boys
the men
they have nothing to do with intelligence
i am in process of getting to know an intelligent boy but i am afraid
of disappointment
please please be what i want
i don't want sex
i really really want emotional intimacy
the kind that liberates you
the kind that takes you by surprise
but it makes so much sense
all of a sudden you have all of the words that you have ever searched for with hand motions.
and you are elated
i need to know the boys mind, inside and out
before i will succumb to his chants of cuteness
Syrope both of you! get out of my head! now!
jesus, blather scares me sometimes... why do i go to a page and then not get to blather because exactly how i feel is already on the page?...injustice, i tell you!
god i liken blather to a "gestalt" mind... all the people who blathe are like groups of brain cells, and the things they blathe are the thoughts within this "brain". some thoughts pass almost unnoticed, while others are dwelled upon, some even leading to physical activity. 020406
distorted tendencies Me? Intelligent? Yes, very. I tend to keep it to myself. When I don't, when I speak my thoughts on certain things/issues, I tend to be misunderstood. Because not many people keep a roun ded view on certain things. It's either this or that. Not many people know how to even begin to dissect human nature, and so forth. So I keep my mouth shut. Because I have a lot to say, about everything, that means nothing to anyone.

(Secretly Successful)
screwing for virginity "the world is a comedy for those who think, and a tragidy for those who feel."

so where does that leave a person like me, one who does a great deal of both
jenny some people have absolutely no intelligence at all...but they have their looks to make up for it. and then people are attracted to their looks and so they like them even though they are as dumb as dirt. i wish that you could see intelligence and what your like on the inside on the outside so that people won't have to judge you on your looks but rather your personality.i hate when people say..why would they go out with that person they're so ugly! who really cares if they're ugly...that doesnt matter. beauty fades but personality doesn't. 021221
psychogeographer personality fades, personality most definetly fades. 040805
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