lokkust millions of years before us...
and millions of years after we're gone
they'll still be here

this planet is theirs

Splinken I've just begun to notice the roaches.

My friend E. and I were getting drinks for our tables when E. looked down with a smile and said:

"Oh look, we have a visitor! Hi little friend! Hello!"

I looked down. He was talking to a roach. The roach was looking at him, its antennae twitching. It was so curious and so cute.

But it was still a damn roach.
chocolate bootay ants are my favorite. 010825
chocolate bootay black workers. 010825
chocolate bootay not a racist comment..

I like black ants.
bugs you thought the rats and mice were bad... (someone pay the goddamn piper...) now the termites and roaches are approaching and no one can stop them. they've staged a raid, they've got a solid intention to make you a living hell and they can only scurry along faster. they'll crawl into your shoes when you're sleeping and bite your toes when you wake up. they'll make nests in your cupboards and hide under the leaves of your lettuce. they will crawl out of the cracks in the wall and bring with them an unbearable infestation into your home and your sanity. every other step could be a crunch. every bite will anticipate the explosion of the single hairy legged bullet in the chamber of your mouth. shudder. shudder. shudder. 020513
jenjen were stuck to the newly washed car like germs on your skin. 030402
Doodhwala *squish* 030402
azazel i've been told i'm like a plague of locusts.

funny, i feel more like the tattered wheat field.
cube For some perverse reason, I like the study of insects. That's not to say that I like insects themselves - they invoke in me the same primal response that most others feel. It's a matter of viewing them as biological robots - alien_life_forms, if you will.

Their wee brains are hardwired with a very limited capacity to learn and yet, they thrive. Their 'learning' is mostly the result of genetic diversity - one generation to the next. Fortunately for them, each generation is relatively short.

This ties in with my own interests as a programmer. Within the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) there are parallels in the form of neural networks (learning by simulating neurons within the brain) and genetic algorithms (problem solving from one generation to the next).

It would be a blast to create an environment within the computer and unleash these mechanisms to see what virtual_alien_life_forms are created.

Perhaps The_Terminator isn't so far off as we may think...
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