psyki buy toys to make them happy. that's what my sister did in a fake email. these guys are trained. my name is andrew. i'm not a kidney thief. not too much ecstasy, ok? 000203
Whitechocolatewalrus Once upon a time, there was a giraffe. Now this giraffe was no ordinary giraffe, it was a very magical giraffe called Giraffy-Raff. Everyone loved Giraffy-Raff and enjoyed visiting him and his family. Giraffy-Raff could not speak, but many people claimed they could hear him telepathically. He was known to be able to cure diseases and fight off evil and many people adored him for just those reasons.
During the time of Giraffy-Raff, there lured an evil threat known as the Wicked Hippoloppomotomous. The Wicked Hippoloppomotomous stole babies and killed pets, held back the rain and threw bolts of lightning; he even stole everyone’s yellow Jell-O. Overall, the Wicked Hippoloppomotomous was just plain mean and evil.
All the people of the land, minus the common thiefs and otherwise horrible people, were sick and tired of the Wicked Hippoloppomotomous. The known and chosen leader of the Land of Life was Horacio Greenleaf and all he wanted was for everyone to be happy and live well. Mr. Greenleaf had long pondered how to go about this task, but with the Wicked Hippoloppomotomous around, he was sure his goal couldn’t be reached. After many a year, Horacio decided that the only way he could conquer the Wicked Hippoloppomotomous would be with the help of Giraffy-Raff. When Mr. Greenleaf announced his plan to the people of the Land of Life, they all cheered and applauded.
Apparently, the Wicked Hippoloppomotomous had his sources in the Land of Life and knew that Giraffy-Raff was sure he could defeat him. The Wicked Hippoloppomotomous was determined for this not to happen; he enjoyed his life. So he devised a plan to trick Giraffy-Raff. He gathered all his meanie little friends, told them his plan and asked them to help. Of course, these common criminals were eager to do anything to help out the Wicked Hippoloppomotomous; it might help their reputation as thugs.
All the while, Giraffy-Raff figured the Wicked Hippoloppomotomous would be scheming against him, so instead of waiting for things to brew up and start happening, Giraffy-Raff snuck up on the Wicked Hippoloppomotomous and said…………. “BOOOOOOOO!” For some reason, unknown to anyone but Giraffy-Raff, the Wicked Hippoloppomotomous could not stand being scared, and that is definitely what Giraffy-Raff did. He scared the wits right out of him.
The Wicked Hippoloppomotomous fell over in a like coma and it was very easy for Giraffy-Raff to finish him off with a nice sharp stick. To the surprise of most people, the Wicked Hippoloppomotomous did not bleed, he just shrank to the size of a bumblebee and exploded into the sky like brilliant gold ash. That was the end of the Wicked Hippoloppomotomous and the people of the Land of Life cheered and partied for days on end. Even the common criminals rejoiced for the power that the Wicked Hippoloppomotous had held over them had been released with the death of him. For a long time, this land never seemed to have many problems, that is, till the era of the Evil Cherry.
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