typhoid mmm.
i'm hungry.
let's go find some crackers.
<munch>, <munch>
marjorie she stares
they didn't do anything to the food did they?
did they wash their hands?
are they thinking about the number of dashes of spice they just put in?
couldn't they do a prime number?
have they NO idea?
obviously not.
it's so much easier to cook at home
Splinken my favorite one is the sleepy eyed man who's always cross with me. 000625
grendel au vin i would love to cook for her.

it's something i do well.

and not having her family here in this place, i've heard her say she misses home cooking.

perhaps the way path to her heart winds through a kitchen
MollyGoLightly "You and the boogeyman been out drinkin all night?" 000701
anon I 'm looking for the hate_letters.
can't cook,
can't be bothered.
pete my roomates decided while i was at class to put the chicken i was defrosting for dinner back in the freezer because they didn't want a big meal at 9pm. why didn't they tell me this before i took it out when i was telling them what we were to have on this rare night that i'm off and thus can cook? they decided, instead, to null my plans and want me to (they dare tell me what i should cook on my cooking night when i don't even suggest a thing on their cooking nights) cook pasta with alfredo sauce. i don't even like alfredo sauce. and it's from a bloody can! why did they not leave the chicken out, and let me cook my stuffed roast chicken with a leek sauce, turnips, parsnips, carrots, and potatoes and a garden salad on the side and apple crisp for desert?

*sighs and vents*

i dont think my roomates recongize (though i talk about it enough) that i see cooking as one of the two artforms i enjoy doing. the other being writing.
pete for some reason these people think that i'm good enough at cooking that they can pay me to follow their recipes. ah well. it pays the bills at least and keeps me fed. 070421
phil The guy who can't wash dishes. 070618
secrets secrets oh !

it's fun though, you don't want to do the dirty work ?

who said it was dirty ?

cooking is fun too but i have over ruled by amazing cooks !

they don't want to teach me their secrets, who can blame them !
. *been* 070619
fghio fghio 101114
what's it to you?
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