silentbob cellar_door 040612
daxle i knew this would be bobby 040612
almost like poetry they often leak out but only when there is someone to hear them. 060208
sirflaccid I have band practice tomorrow. It would be nice to talk to you about it. It feels good to do the things that I've talked about for so long. I'm not blowing smoke up anyone's ass anymore. School's going alright... Not performing to the best of my abilities as usual, but I'll make it through. The new job is working out alright. It's not a bad place, and the lack of pressure and headaches is a nice relief. Its funny how the day to day grind of a specific job can really change you. Hell, when you talk about it in your sleep, that can't be healthy. I never wanted the way I make money to affect and define my life. Life's about enjoying time with the ones you care about. All in all, I just wanted to talk to you about this journey, and listen to you talk about yours. However, to this day one thing still holds true. ILYMTYCI That doesn't have to mean romance. It doesn't have to mean anything in particular, and it sure as hell doesn't need a label. No matter what, you have someone out there that genuinely cares about you and yours. Hopefully we will get the chance to talk sometime soon. If not or until then, Goodnight. 060209
Freak again we are in the same ocean at the same time. 060209
In_Bloom Our house has glass walls and through a panel we anxiously face off
Most times we smile
Sometimes we quickly raise our chins
Tender are the times we simply look at one another and note our chests rise and fall with that sigh
The one that says time is so precious and belongs to no one

"Five minutes, just give me five minutes of your time"
You asked this so many times and I told your deafened ears I would want everything
I told you to walk away but instead you rubbed your clothes on me, pulled strands of my hair and put your lips over mine
Now we are rapt, validated and fueled in each of those sighs
what's it to you?
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