jennifer is four
and one of my mother's day care kids
and so frighteningly intelligent
(and perhaps a bit like me)
that I forget she's only a child
justin like I have said,
an angel from the horizon
on toungs of liquid flesh
the time of angela
wings in light and depth,
a halo...with an "A" at the end
this is my end and my sight
silentbob dannys girlfriends name is jennifer.
her brothers name is justin.
do i find this eerie to see you both blathering before and after the other?
the answer is...yes. yes i do.
syn My name... What's in a name anyway? Some say the world is in a name! Your future, your past.. right fucking now! But I say... My Mom was still in pain from birthing me and I wasn't a boy like she hoped I'd be. And God forbid she name me Angel like my father wanted. 001216
angie my name. I dont mind it.
Currently I am trying to decide if I should be called Angie or Angela when i go to college. I am pretty much known as Angie now...but I could just switch. If I wanted to. They are both my name.
in a silent way i want to cut a hole in your stomach, reach my hand in there, and feel around inside. grab hold of the first wet thing i find. twist the inner workings into ugly knots. fuck them up. make you feel the way you made me feel. and when your eyes are wider than a house and you're gasping for breath, i'll twist some more.

then i'll make you dinner. you like fish?
gja My mothers name 130205
jennifer is 16 now
still frighteningly intelligent
(loved Doctor_Who before I told her about it)
it's hard to believe that she's not a child anymore
has a younger sister
I've adopted them
(and many others)
they'll be part of my wedding

scary... I'm_getting_married soon
what's it to you?
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