xyphoid ambiguity is the soul of confusion
a fiery stare into the psyche of delusion
soup_bubbles and peach_ring infusion
which what is which, an illusion
minnesota_chris What does it mean? I don't know exactly... 030827
Zeke denotative misdirection in delivery unsent but recieved in all but actual truth is beauty and serves to create not as destroyer of subtilty in the modality of waking dream singing of the unsaid 031118
keep breathing girls 041130
pSyche I keep blurring_the_lines between fiction and reality. So you do not see. So you do not know. I could tell you the facts, but then it would seem odd that I speak of things that I do not know of, as if I knew them. No lotus flower is hidden in my outstretched palms.
Keep the crowd guessing, and they will return, you tell me.
fuffle i think fiction is reality, i mean is your imagination not real? what makes you think that it isn't? for me a daydream is just as good as a physical sensual experience, why shouldn't it be? i was always told off at school for daydreaming, in my school reports the teachers mostly said that i was slow and in a dream world. I never had a problem with that but according to their standards it's 'slack' and falling behind.

NO! i will NOT BE what you want me to BE. Who dictates what childen "should or shouldn't" be ?
unhinged brown eyes impenetrable
closed mouth nod
complacent shrug

maybe you really don't care
maybe i care too much

i don't have much time left
to decipher these things

i left your place this morning
woke you up with a kiss on the forehead
'i have to go'
you murmured and shook your head
said 'did you leave the door open again? i don't want the cat in here'

everything i can't decipher
brings tears to my eyes

we still have a few weeks left together
but already i feel every minute
like it is the last
my heart is breaking

i put my clothes on
and shut the bedroom door
for some reason
your reminder hurt my feelings
more than it should have

you got out of bed
to lock the door behind me
no goodbye hug or kiss

our days are numbered
your silence weighs on my heart
(maybe i misread you but: )
there aren't many days left to decipher it


what's it to you?
who go