jennifer soft sounds slowly sliding south succumb swiftly sensing someone's sleep 991216
jennifer .... 991216
emily wait...why would we worry??.... 000602
retrograde Lovely little words lolligagging in the lucious depths of the dreary rainsoaked rainforest. 000705
marjorie little legions of lovers line up
languishing in the lake's lulling laps of water.
then they all drown.
it is a sad, summer story.
it is not for the young.
slittleidiot snow silently slips,
sailing sublimely,
sacredly saying:
scatter-brained scientist
schemes sorrowfully,
stealthily sculpting
scornful schismatic spotlights,
seductively sedating
self-sufficient student.

slumped silhouette sends
spirit spinning,
stability semi-solid,
severing six serene sentiments.

slew, softly sketching
solar skies, sleeper
sees solution
scorched: second-strike
scholar safely screams.
Elzbieta Barely a breath between us in
these marvelous moments making me
want to never nullify the night
Perpetually provide darkness so I can
happily hover with him

I love alliteration!
Dafremen Baby,

Best begin by buying Bavarian brand bran bread, being better buttering bread because bread baked by Bavarian bakeries breaths butter better, beautiful.

Bye bye,

Baby's Beau

see also: GIGGLES
pipedream i adore alliteration.
i love the way language lolls lazily on your tongue
rolls around in your mouth like a treat you get once in a while-
making it last as long as possible...
words are yummy.
:D ask_pipedream 030315
DannyH Fucking, farting, fighting and football. Sex, sacks, socks and sucks. Piss, pips, pits and penis. Wank, wonk, work and jerk. Slip, slit, slut and clit. Cunt, cup, come and jump. Fit, fat, flat, flop. Weíre just splitting hairs here. 030318
oldephebe i think i've got some kind of compulsion w/r/t the whole use of alliteration - um if I could some how learn to thread them with more lyrical imagery than just serendipitous juxtapositions or endless adverbial modifiers - i love the way pipedream, Mayahana, ash, jezbel, eyedream, misstree and countless others write - so much said in so few words - with my writing you've got to wend through the turgid to get to that one glittering shard of coherence, or something visually conveyed -

i'll keep working at it
(pneumatic discharge of air between pursed lips)

aspires to be succinct
nomme a litter nation 030821
jezabel scars
beneath scabs
that were wounds
once you came
are the marks
of memory
fixer fixes! 040322
what's it to you?
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