me? if the zebra did not have stripes
would it just be another horse?
or would it still be black and white?

the zebra carries his prison with him.
amy no two zebras have the same stripes, and that's not because they have different genes, but because each organism develops in its own way. similar to our fingerprints.

is a zebra aware that it is not as plain as a horse?
miniver [Italian from Old Portuguese






If the horse had stripes
would it just be another zebra?

I miss the dinosaurs,
and the continental glaciers.
And I wish I could relive the year
that some odd tree lived to earn
that one really dark ring,
right there, near the beginning.
I'll never know again the utility
of what must have been very wise third molars.
But I was there --
primordially goo, and back, and back again --
and I have been my share
of interstellar dust.
miniver Camels make me think this way, too.

They look so...prehistoric. Or unfinished, even. Particularly those heavier, double-humped fellows. Like they don't belong here, anymore (if they ever did). But, then, when I look around a little more, I find more and more things that seem to "not belong". Strange plants, and paramecia, and chirping crickets -- and thunderstorms, and blizzards, and mushrooms under trees! All sorrowful, and strange, and horrible and wonderful and clean (what am I forgetting?)!

So would state the law of Parsimony: perhaps it is humanity that does not fit the rest of the world, and not the rest of the world that doesn't fit humanity. Maybe I just need to see a camel in its natural (or less-human, in any case) environment.
Toxic_Kisses You know how most children want a pony?
I always wanted a Zebra.
cube You know that new Zebra smell? Well, it's really toxic chemicals which can linger for months after purchase...
ClairE Is it black stripes on white, or white stripes on black?

Things aren't always black and white, you see.
89x here I sit, relaxing, and up creeps a moment of clarity. I'm simply existing. I make very little difference, and what am I saving my energy for? Then I mope over to my little window, and see people discussing whether certain things belong in this world. What is finished and what isn't. So much for the clarity... 011227
oren Ice Station 011227
god fantastic hairdo 020615
uyanga Black with white stripes. The edges of the animal (the muzzle, ear rims and insides, under the tail) are all black. 060819
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