Barrett Precious Roy: BUY MY HOOKERS! 000923
grendels fake blood OLLY: "Now with your Precious Roy Laser Peeler you can strip away the hard outer shell from your bowling ball and enjoy the tender and pulpy fruit inside"

SIFL: "Yeah, and let me tell you about the problems I've had being tender and pulpy"
yummychuckle best show EVER.
dig chesters funky voice.
chester sounds a lot like my friend, Dillon.
Aimee Olly: Are you ready for your letter?
Chester: I think so. Is it gonna hurt?
Olly: No. This one's from Brian Castle and it says, "When you're naked with a person for the first
time, what's a good icebreaker to say to make the situation more comfortable?"
Chester: Just say, "Hey there, wanna party? You got some nice things. You got some extra stuff there. Is that
hair? Saddle-up!"
Olly: "Saddle-up?" You'd say "saddle-up" to someone the first time you saw them naked?
Chester: Sure, I'd be like, "Can I take you glasses for you? Can I get you a cold banana?" I dunno, I feel this
power. The power to get them in the right mood. Like strobe lights and like strike a pose! Yeah, maybe
I'm like a cat, I'd walk up to them and say, "I could show you things. You know I bet we'd go together
like black and white TV."
Olly: Oh Chester, that'd be frightening.
Chester: Yeah. Crickets scare me.
Alexander Beetle get to llama school! 010611
nemo i love sifl and olly so much you could almost call it strangely obsessed 010612
aesop jones yeah, you've had some serious-ass monkey-heart-trusting-problems 010612
MollyCule HOOKER - Why do they call you sifl anyway?

SIFL (walking away) - You'll know in 5 to 7 days, baby.
Gollum "cresent fresh," yes precious, cresent fresh. 010815
Aimee hippity dude plays hackity sack. don't eat'a the meat or smoke'a the crack. He's so crescent fresh. Super cress and best. 010816
bijou "woman"
"Really pretty
I'm Chester
I like your shiny dress
Are you a princess?
Do you mind if I call you
Princess Passion?"
- Chester
Precious Gollum (ironic aint it?) Chester: yeah, I keep cereal in my pocket to feed her. 010816
Kristopher From one episode I remember when they were interviewing lesser known nursery rhymes, or something. . .

"I'm Cinder Blue
I'm Cinder Blue
Underneath your bed I stew
Making all your nightmares true
Eating children ages four to eleven
I'm bad to the bone!!!!"
crimson my sweater is full of moths
makes me... sad
I turn slowly
put it in Sifl's drawer
what's it to you?
who go