dafremen Y'know, waaay back in the ancient days, if you really wanted to extract resources from the planet without doing any work, you needed a cheap labor force. That meant peasants..and plenty of them.

Easiest path to a cheap, plentiful source of peasants was to tell the existing pool of peasants to "be fruitful and multiply." The more peasants the better. In fact, given enough peasants, it was even possible to convince SOME of the peasants that they were better than OTHER peasants. This was accomplished by giving special privileges and more gruel to the most COOPERATIVE peasants.

Of course the problem with breeding lots of peasants is that they sometimes organize and rise up. (Let's face it, peasants can be revolting.) For the longest time, it seemed the only solutions to the problem were to tell the peasants that they were different from one another to create division, dumb them down and keep them economically weak or confiscate and outlaw their weapons.

Cue the Industrial Revolution..

Who knew? We could not only replace the peasants with machines that don't revolt or complain if they're exploited to exhaustion and death..but if we were clever enough, we could get the smartest peasants to develop our machines for us! Then we could dumb the other peasants down, putting them to work serving the machines in menial ways. The more helpless they are mentally and economically, the less they'll try to escape the let's call it a factory. to convince the smart peasants? Of course! Money and accolades. Special privilege, just as with the merchants and skilled trades before. Peasants are easily swayed with bread and circuses..even the so-called smart ones.

Soon it became obvious that we were on the eve of a new, glorious, peasantless future; an incredible utopia, where all of our needs will be extracted from the planet, without having to deal with pesky peasants!

And so, here we are today! With the "brilliant" (lolz) peasants easily convinced to accelerate technological advancement, they're producing AI that's even more capable of speeding up development than they are. It's only a matter of time, before we reach that revolutionless Shangri-La.

Only one really sticky question remains: What do we do with all of the useless, starving peasants?
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dafremen Gates intends on framing himself as the savior of the planet. Those who survive will write the history of what happened. A miraculous pandemic will have come and wiped out much of humanity, saving only them..the chosen ones. Blech.

On the positive side, it's all leading up to the_turning_away..

see also: the_right_ones
dafremen I see the image of a peasant holding a college diploma, sitting on this fat guy's lap getting raped in the backside.

The fat guy is feeding the cooperative peasant bon bons and giving him a backrub while raping him. Fat man thoroughly enjoys himself for as long as the peasant keeps bouncing up and down as directed.

They are both telling a crowd of people who have chosen NOT to be raped, that they are idiots, because they chose NOT to sit on the fat guy's lap when they were younger.

And now, after decades of watching the "idiots" of the world scramble to get on that fat guy's lap (after mommy and daddy's house didn't work out)..both the fat guy AND the college graduate have come to believe that being raped MUST be the superior course of action taken by superior people.

Talk about your idiots..
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