Q the peaches
the cherries
the strawberries
all of the fruits
all of the flowers
you ever might want
from my garden
my table
my bed
are yours
lisa_is_bionic Watch out for ninjas. 000526
Tom Glaring above the heads of your friends,
your eyes burning into mine,
I realize that I'm grabbing her peaches.
Jennie Rose. Mine are better than hers anyway. 001016
Yoda I once liked peaches, I used to really like them. Then something happened that made me get mad at them. I once bit into a peach and I spotted and felt a worm sticking out into my mouth. I was so disgusted and pissed off I bit the worm in half. Don't worry, I spit it out... stomped on it... poured gasoline on it... lit a match... pissed on the ashes... the usual things I do when I get pissed off at something. Now that I think about it, I shoulda done all that outside, I wish I'd done it outside, now I have to live with a black scorch mark on my once nice wooden floor. Oh well, stuff happens... at least it thinks twice before happening to me. :^) 001120
ernie the peaches had fuzz 010612
kinkazoid i always use peace body wash cuz peach is my favorite smell, and one time my ex bf was "down there" and he said it tasted like peaches, thats a good thing, right? 010612
jane i gave you all my peaches and you waited a week and sent me all the pits in a cardboard box first class airmail 030511
randomly recent ! 040113
zeke Great song by the Stranglers. 040113
devilbunny Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man, in a factory downtown. 061108
stork daddy In a group of friends at a small dinner, she talks of how much she loves peaches. And what youíve known of her that others havenít leads you to believe these are esoteric references for you and only you. But really it isnít that way, sheís really just talking about peaches. That day alone in the field, with one peach and two bodies, and how the peach seemed a miniature sun in a universe of grass, and your bodies seemed held tight together by the stringy wetness of the thing Ė that wasnít ever about you either. It was about the peaches then too. You were just a servant of that love, a table, a day good for eating a peach. And so what sheís saying now is indeed for you to hear, but also for anyone who tries to love her. 070104
u24 fuck the pain away. 070105
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