endless desire they sat on the rocks, watching the tide come in before the fireworks went off. twilight. her favourite time. where the day and the night greet each other briefly. then part just as quickly as they came. never have they seen the ocean such a catching blue. the three only dared to venture closer, until going closer meant getting very wet. the two youngest called this place the "splash zone." the waves crash and the foam envelops the rock the way tissue wraps around a gift. as it slides off the rocks and re-enters the sea, the water combines with the foam, creating a beautiful, ermald colour that slowly fades into the endless blue of the ocean. it seemed to glow tonight. the rhythm flowed. soothing. they called it wave dancing.

looking down into the waves, the boy shouts, "hey look at the otter." this catches the two girls attention and they slowly watch the otter consume a large red crab. within five minutes, the small creature dove back into the water, dodging the rocks, and pulled out a fish, tail still flipping back and forth. the otter only ventured closer and closer. never before had they seen one this close without a barrier. it was in reach but the three silently observed its beauty as it flipped and dived through the water. again and again, the otter sank back into the water, joyfully returning once again with more food. the older girl thought to herself that it must be nice to be an otter. in the dancing waves at twilight. not a worry in the world. but then she wondered, if the otter had ever thought what it would be like to be human. she laughed.

looking at the waves, not great enough to break and ride, but strong enough to crash. one roll after nother. up and down. deep.mysterious.hyponotizing. for a second the world wasn't real. just a haze, time barely moving. only alive when she felt the drips of ocean splash on her exposed face. it bit her in the cold, as she saw her breath before her face. she wondered what it would be like to drown.

otters don't drown, i don't think.
Doar you are always surprising me endless. 031031
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