unhinged i was in heaven with the angels. i heard you on the radio today and my dinner was intensely religious. i could hear through every pore of my body and medieval dances kept swirling around in my head. i remember the forest where the mendelssohn faeries played; the fountain outside, the piss-poor squirrels. i have lived in a world of early spring desolation, vulgar and obscene tidings of christ hanging from my bare branches. but i floated high above the world today like the early paintings of archobaldi. my face was made of sunshine, dazzling rays and radiance warming everything down to my twittering toes. i remember you wrapped around me. i remember cool summer mornings of slanted sunlight playing my violin at the kitchen table with the rolled rag rug underneath. cigarette after cigarette, musky incense and cool air. we were happy. too damn happy. the light in the darkness defeated spent hesitations like yesterday's bad nightmare. once i held you my heart a frozen vase of cracking integrity and the years of dirt were just wiped away. the tall trees splayed the sunlight down through the clouds of pollen, the music played, the royalty curtsied. every cell in my body shook with the vibration. there was nowhere else i could turn to except for exactly where i was. i laid trapped without you like a limpet drawn from water. but the smile could not escape my lips of the shattered pieces free around me. i knew the road had turned and the revelation still elevates me. your voice has a muting power of clarity that pierces my brain. the sky was skittle blue today. i broadcast my love like personal radio waves. at this point in space, there is nothing better. 020912
ShnizelCheese I would have to say... no no... i can only say....


It Captured Me.
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unhinged the guy that i smoked it with that inspired this blathe is dead

he killed himself a few months ago because he found out his wife was cheating on him. stuck a gun to his head. stupid whore.
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