peyton she was so beautiful.. I loved her so much. Her skin was so soft, and she was so intelligent. Never before had I experienced such an angel. She always had something witty to say, and she always pressed her face to mine. She was a bit younger than I, but I didn't mind, because of how happy she made me. She was popular, which was no surprise to me. I really couldn't believe we had so many common friends and we'd never met before. I knew it was sudden, but I it seemed so right to lie there next to her after our date that Saturday. We just laid there, almost all night, listening to the radio.. talking about love and life. "Iris" kept playing over and over, we remarked how much it related to us, how happy we were going to be together. I'd stayed out all night, and directly disobyed my father, something I'd never done before. But to me, she was so worth it. It was a wonderful night to spend with someone you care about. It was a night spent lying in stardust.

She was fucking my best friend. She'd call him over when my car pulled out of the drive. She'd use things I'd said to her to help him plan to come over so he could fuck her. He tried to fight me later that week when I found out. He punched me and I didn't blink.. she'd taken my heart right out of me. She called me stupid, and asked how anyone could love someone as stupid as me.

That was Lacie, in her angelic glory.
kerry dear peyton,

that's horrible...
i'm so sorry to hear about her. it was a long time ago, right? i hope so.

you seem like a great person. find someone else.
littel_elf sounds like something straight out of cruel intentions. you're well rid of her, though I know it has to hurt...

I can't say how much it might hurt, or that I understand, really, but I know that it must, and that one day she will surely get hers for playing with hearts like that.

I wish you happiness and joy.
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