moonshine The cats in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man and the moon. 000623
daxle and I learned that I was a liar
just like you
birdmad would always say
we'll make it through
then my head fell apart
and where were you?
misstree are you happy now?

i went south for the warmth
and now i'm cold,
just like you.
. : * p s y b o r g * : . Nobody is just like me. That would seriously scare the hell out of me. I'm too weird to have someone just like me. Maybe, at most, someone could be a little like me. But definitely not JUST like me. That would be scary. 011104
silentbob Its just like you to want to hate me
but never take the time to date me
now im stuck thinking of you

Aimee maybe I should just take it back.
maybe I should just never get married.
maybe I should just be embittered towards men the rest of my life.
maybe I should just sacrifice my happiness so you can sleep easy.
maybe I should just become passive and always listen to you and you alone.
maybe you're always fucking right.
maybe I'm sick of listening to you.
maybe if I just give up on my happiness.. I can be JUST LIKE YOU!
dB It's funny.
I just had a very odd moment. A chance to compare the old with the new. These things don't happen often and the universe just threw one in my face.

And now I feel like my heart has stopped.
Casey I'll ignore people, talk bad about them behind their back, shun others when they are hurt, never accept reality, and just be a pain old bitch. 011108
johnny west Sounds like a plan. I'll be miming masturbation with a tire iron. 011109
User24 whatever happened to johnny west? 030622
Candy Jeremy, I am just_like_you and you are just_like_me... sort of. I wonder if you are just as like me in bed. We could have a lot of fun I imagine if you are. 040223
stork daddy it's disconcerting when you see yourself coming down the street, and you can't decide between pity or laughter. 040224
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