Doar of forces beyond your control. 040105
misstree wow.
maybe it's just me
or maybe it's just today,
but all of a sudden,
this has become
one of the sexiest fucking words
in the entire god damn english language.
i keep clicking on this page
and wanting to say something
but flipping back to recent
because what can i say
about "insertion?"
it's succinct and alien,
it makes no excuses or assumptions,
it has no hard, pausing letters to
stumble the tongue stacatto,
it has no rounded ous to
fool the mouth into intimacy,
it slips out like a straight razor,
and i'm afraid
that "insertion"
has cut itself a path right into me
and is waking up
that damn peachfish again.
Doar what the nine hells is a peachfish?

Belzebub, I beseech thee, what is this cryptic sea creature?

beelzebubbles see: peachfish 040105
Death of a Rose Thank you o' bastion of hells torment. 040105
misstree no problem man, boss said to keep an eye on you... hey, are you gonna make it to azazel's for bridge this friday? we missed you last week, but we canceled and went out to see the pony hangings instead.

and that tree chick wanted me to tell you that this word is still, how did she put it, rolling around on her tongue like the most lascivious lemondrop? something like that? she went off about how ambiguous it was, how it has such a serpentine feel, it's sinister and clinical at the same time... she was all worked up over it, gesturing madly, knocking over saltshakers... man, she's a little off the deep end, i'd keep an eye on her.
Death of a Rose actually demogorgon invited me over for some brewskis, butt hell (hehe), I'll mull it over.

Thank "insert anti-deity of choice here" that you missed me, I didn't even know you were shooting at me. And I missed the pony hangings, on purpose (I swear it was).

Will keep both eye sockets on the rambling misstree and her renovations. that one, sensuous and languid at the same time.
beelzebubbles yep... definitely evil... trying to steal credit for my work... ahem... 040106
misstree mmm.... "the insertion of a boudoir into her abode was certainly fortuitous... especially once she had festooned the walls with every manner of trinket and tool, prettyshinything and happydeadthing and deargodwhatisthatthing..." mmm... insertion.... it will officially be my word of the night tonight (if i don't manage to burn myself out before goth_night), and i will be toasting to good dead_baby_jokes, in an attempt to ward off drama... 040106
misstree this word is the tooth socket that i can't keep my tongue out of. 040106
Death of a Chuckle stop inserting your tongue into insertion.....bad misstree....bad misstree. 040108
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