unhinged i don't need brighter days
i just need some faith
you got me walking away now
you got me walking_away 2x
it was the year of the witch
no body steered clear of the ditch
they say brave when you don't flinch
but we never saw the blade
never had the chance to cringe
don't ever forget to put
misery on the guest list
sipping on a memory for breakfast
middle of the party
all alone
you wanna dig up bones
but your claws aren't grown
put your half empty glass on the coaster
step backwards slow
gotta sky full of bats circling over the crowd
your eyes go black when you open your mouth
i'm like
walking on the frozen rain
wanna claim a block that's got no complaints
but i'm dying in a city called
look at me now
little piggy wanna cook up the cow
i'm like
might as well knock down them walls
when the earthquakes follow you for
all of your faults
let the facade fall dead in the fog
while the voices that are inside of your head applaud
i'm like
everyone got a course to fly
run towards her eyes
and aim for the sky
so high
sleeping under the stars
you outgrew the sum of your parts
i used to run wild
like a child of thieves
now i
breathe quiet in a pile of leaves
with a
space heater on the back of my porch
for when i
take a break from attacking your forts
you said you want it
but you can't see the center of the web
cause you're standing on it
don't wait to escape from
the ways you escape
just throw your hands up and say
you got me walking_away now
you got me walking_away 2x

i don't need brighter days
i just need some faith

unhinged i rode the 358
from 145th and aurora
to downtown

a lot of people tell me
it's the roughest bus in seattle

i didn't think much of the smack heads
and hookers
til i watched someone get punched in the face

(i stopped sitting in the back of the bus)

i took the 358 downtown
to work
listening to the_family_sign
as my uncle back in cleveland
lay dieing
tears welled to my eyes

i got off the bus on 3rd and virginia
running the last couple blocks
to make it to work on time

tears welled to my eyes

i don't need brighter days
i just need some faith
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