belly fire what a word
to be called
and be calling my beloved
for the next 17 months
or so

what a dream
to be someone's fiancÚ
Lemon_Soda It was great.

I hope I get to be a fiance' again real soon.
girl_jane Well-I'm engaged to Ryan now. It just happened last night. We haven't set a date or anything, we know that it'll be some time after I graduate in may. The big thing is going to be deciding where Iowa or Missouri.

Anyway-here's the story.

I went shopping Friday to get ideas for what I would eventually get for him, but I found exactly what I wanted to get him, and I had the money for it, so I bought it.

I proposed to him.

I'd found out that it's Irish tradition that women don't wear engagement rings-the men do. Ryan's Irish, and I'm a little bit Irish from both of my grandmothers-so I thought-hell why not. Women can propose to men-they do it a lot now-so I did it.

We were pet sitting at his parent's place last night. They have a huge yard right on a little lake/pond thing and have a fire pit in the backyard. So it happened fire side with fireflies and frogs and lightening from a thunder storm that was on it's way.

It was a beautiful night though. I put the little box in a bigger box. I put some pale yellow satin and lace that I had in the box around the little ring box, so it was just nested in there. I had a card that I wrote a bunch of happy sappy love things in, and when he opened the big box and saw the little box, I told him about the Irish tradition.

He opened the little box, and saw the ring. It's gold band with five little diamonds going through the middle. Just the right amount of sparkle for a man. He was really surprised, but happy.

I asked him, "Do you want me to ask you?" My body was shaking and my heart was just thumping in my chest, and I asked him. He said, "Of course," then told me to put the ring on him.

So, that was it.
Q The immediately preceding blathe by girl_jane is a beautiful story, especially because I'm sure it's true and mostly because I'm Irish.

Girl-jane, all the best to you and your fiance.
girl_jane We've been married since July 1st. Almost two months. It's great 060830
LS congrats. 060831
lady_jane Husband of nearly five years. 110603
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