"Which is the most universal human characteristic--fear? ...or laziness?"

From Waking_Life, the best movie I've seen in a looong time.

So what do you think, blatherskites?
...ooo... i think i can say that laziness can come from fear but fear can't come from laziness, so fear would be bigger 020308
optic discretion laziness ... laziness breeds ignorance, which hence produces fear.

Gawd if only I wasn't lazy ...
cube Fear triumphs over laziness in every instance i can conceive. Consider the case of impending starvation - fear is the great motivator...
...ooo... laziness comes from the fear of not succeeding 020312
ever dumbening i was going to get around to writing something here later, but i was afraid it was going to suck. 020312
Boyd definately laziness. i wouldnt go as so far to say that the greeks were just as advanced as us [culturally yes, but not technologically], but mankind in general has definately, by far, not reached its full potential. maybe thats something that can never be achieved tho, because many of us are driven by thoughtless, or mindless actions and too few of us have any REAL ambition. i sure as hell dont. and maybe that is the meaning of life; to use [or try to use] our full potential. i think that certain situations must occur in order to allow an individual to even begin to use their true potential [such as being enlightened. or anything that would dissolve the close-minded nature that is in us all.] then, only then, can we just begin to start using our full potential. then another question remains.... what would you do if you could actually use your full potential? 030522
jane fear

laziness is the opposite of love

we all fear something

hopefully we all love as well
niska laziness: is often mistaken.

not everything has to be at a hurried pace; keeping track, being on time, making sure, exerting...

i don't wear a watch. it's ridiculous some make it a fashoion accessory - it's a waste of time, in a literal sense.

fear: i don't wear a watch because i'm afraid i'll waste my time; keeping track, being on time, making sure, exerting...

i'd rather relax through this life, because none of us can be sure what happens after.
hsg laziness is the fear that the effort you might put out is not worth what you will get in return.


love is mastering_the_art_of_effort.

we neeDOnly this.
Uncuber Considering the case of impending starvation, I can personally attest to PAIN being the great motivator. When one is starving, it is not fear that motivates one to seek food. It is pain, and a strange sort of it, at that. 071028
hsg then can we say as to motivation:

pain : physical
fear : mental
Uncuber That seems more plausible, hsg. 071028
hsg and then what of spiritual?

is there a spiritual discomfort?

or is there simply an awareness in spirit where before it was unrecognized?

one might venture in "depression" but it is my experience that we start out completely "deeprested" and become of HigherSpiritGestation
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